Editorial Policy

The Daily Aus adheres to the General Principles established by the Australian Press Council.

Editorial Independence

The Daily Aus is financially supported by a group of investors who back the mission and values of the company. We maintain full editorial independence and no investor has the ability to control or influence our editorial content or policy.

Impartiality & Fairness

The Daily Aus aims to provide a foundation of knowledge on which our readers can build their own understanding of the world. To that end, we have a duty to ensure that our content is impartial according to the recognised standards of objective journalism. In accordance with the Australian Press Council’s General Principles, The Daily Aus ensures that factual material is presented with reasonable fairness and balance. We do not publish any opinion pieces.

Privacy & Avoidance of Harm

The Daily Aus will avoid intruding on a person’s reasonable expectations of privacy, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest, per the Australian Press Council’s General Principles. This balance between privacy and public interest should be particularly recognised in situations that involve bereavement. The Daily Aus adheres to the Australia Press Council’s Statement of Privacy Principles, enclosed here.


Trust is at the centre of everything we do and factual accuracy is our highest priority. This commitment is inextricably linked to our willingness to correct errors. We will always seek to correct or clarify published material if it is significantly inaccurate or misleading, and will do so in a transparent manner. We recognise how quickly and widely information can be disseminated, so will always make our corrections (and where necessary, apologise) clear and straightforward. We’re about owning our mistakes, not hiding from them.

Information From Other Outlets

The Daily Aus breaks down the big stories of the day, which sometimes means we will use information that has first been reported by other outlets. In instances like these, The Daily Aus will recognise the publication (e.g. ‘as first reported by the Sydney Morning Herald’). Wherever possible, we will always try to independently verify the facts of any article before we publish.

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