A white man sits at a dining table staring out a window. He is cradling his face in his hands.
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70% of Australians with chronic pain have been unable to work

Around 70% of Australians with chronic pain have been unable to work, according to new data from Chronic Pain Australia (CPA).

The Gambia FGM
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The Gambia has voted to uphold ban on FGM

FGM was banned in The Gambia in 2015. Earlier this year, a bill was introduced to parliament that sought to overturn the ban.

NSW Drug Summit 2024
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NSW will hold its first Drug Summit in over 20 years in 2024

The Minns Government announced the 2024 NSW Drug Summit will be held across four days in October in regional and metropolitan NSW.

Cocaine use surging in Australia
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Cocaine use reaches record highs

Cocaine use is surging in Australia, according to wastewater analysis compiled by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

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Toxic metals found in popular tampon brands, study says

Tampons are used by more than half of people in the U.S. who menstruate, according to UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

CTE found in two Australian women who faced partner violence
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CTE found in domestic violence victims

CTE has been found in two Australian women who faced partner violence for decades, in an Australian first.

protonitazene overdoses Australia
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Synthetic opioid protonitazene causing overdoses in Australia

Protonitazene is a synthetic opioid that’s 100 times stronger than heroin and is causing a number of deaths in Australia due to overdoses.

Several rows of opened soft drink cans.
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Parliamentary Committee recommends sugary drink tax

A Parliamentary Committee has recommended a sugary drink tax. The measure is one of several recommendations aimed at improving Australians’ health outcomes.

Thousands of frozen sperm donations will be destroyed in Queensland after the state’s health regulator found evidence of negligence by fertility clinics.
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Thousands of sperm samples in Qld will be destroyed after labelling mix-ups

A Queensland Health Ombudsman-led audit flagged “significant systemic issues” in the state’s assisted fertility sector, including mix-ups, lost samples and record-keeping errors.

Is Australia's vaping crackdown working?
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Australia’s vape crackdown, six months in

Six months since recreational vape imports were banned, I look at the early results of the crackdown.

social media mental health
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Social media linked to poor mental health, long-term study finds

Research found a link between social media exposure and declining mental health in young people aged 15 to 24.

A man gets COVID tested in a white tent
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COVID-19 deaths tied to drop in Australians’ life expectancy

An increase in COVID-related deaths has been linked to a drop in Australians’ life expectancy, the first dip since the 1990s.

NSW body-worn camera trial
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Body cameras to be trialled at hospitals

A NSW body-worn camera trial will begin at nine public hospitals across the state as soon as possible, amid rising levels of assault.

Two people lying with their backs facing each other in a bed.
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Young Australians using strangulation during sex

A joint study by the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland surveyed over 4,700 people aged 18-35.

Changes from 1 July
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Tax cuts, vaping ban among 1 July changes

Changes from 1 July include tax cuts, cheaper energy, and a new vape ban. The measures were already passed but came into effect today.

Who benefits from blood donations?
Health Science

Who benefits from blood donations?

Pharmacies oppose changes to vaping laws
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Pharmacists oppose changes to new vaping laws

A peak pharmacists body has opposed last-minute changes to Australia’s new vaping laws, saying they don’t want to stock or sell them.

Two nurses look at one clipboard held in front of them.
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Nurses and midwives in Victoria will get a 28.4% pay rise over four years

The “once-in-a-generation pay increase” deal comes after weeks of industry-wide protests and months of negotiations between the union and the State Government.

mushroom gummies warning
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Mushroom gummies warning issued by NSW Health

NSW Health is warning people not to consume mushroom gummies after reports of nausea, loss of consciousness, and “seizure like activity”.

Nurse practitioner holding a clip board while consulting a patient.
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Nurses and midwives in the ACT can now prescribe abortion pills

It comes after the ACT Government approved legislation to ease restrictions around who can dispense MS-2 Step — an oral medication that can terminate a pregnancy up to nine weeks gestation.

Pill testing in Victoria
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Victoria’s pill testing plan revealed

Pill testing in Victoria will start this summer, following a “horror” season across the first few months of the year.

Behind the scenes on blood donation
Health Science

Behind the scenes on blood donation

How does blood donation actually work?
Health Science

How blood donation actually works

Jacinta Allan is considering a pill testing trial in Victoria.
Health Latest News Politics

Is Victoria considering its first pill testing trial?

Victoria Premier Jacinta Allan is considering a pill testing trial in the state, following a spate of festival deaths over recent years.

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