First Nations group celebrate Queensland court recognition of native title.
Culture Environment Latest News

First Nations people recognised as native title holders in Sunshine Coast

The Kabi Kabi People have been recognised as native title holders across lands and waterways around the sunshine coast.

The rise in young women getting labia surgery.
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The unrealistic standards of a labia

labia surgery anxiety
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Labia surgery on the rise with feelings of shame

One in six people surveyed said they felt anxiety or shame about the look of their labia, which impacts the rise in labia surgery.

South Australia wants to take donations out of elections.
Economics Latest News Politics

The plan to ban political donations

Bruce Lehrmann arrives in court in Queensland.
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Bruce Lehrmann has fronted court in Queensland on rape charges

Bruce Lehrmann has arrived in court in Queensland, where he faces two sexual assault charges over an alleged incident in October 2021.

Two teenagers stare at a laptop.
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Both major political parties now support a social media ban for children under 16

This week, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton promised to block under-16s from social media within the first 100 days of a Coalition government.

China Premier Australia visit
Latest News World

China’s Premier visits Australia, the first time in seven years

China’s Premier will attend talks with businesses and Government officials during a visit to Australia’s Parliament House.

Here's everything you need to know about the UK election.
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UK parties have released their manifestos. What are they?

This week, the major political parties in the UK have published their manifestoes — a series of documents laying out their vision for government.

How is Australia so good at swimming?
Latest Sport

Australia in the pool: how we got so good

Communities will have access to products including pads, tampons, menstrual cups and period underwear.
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Remote First Nations communities will now have access to free period products

The community-led program will help an estimated 12,500 women and girls each year.

The government is considering changes to the way it uses consultancy firms.
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Senate recommends sweeping changes to how Government uses consulting firms

A Senate report has recommended the government changes to the way it uses consulting firms, after PwC leaked secret tax information.

Mifepristone abortion US
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US rejects challenge to ban mifepristone for abortion

The US Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that an abortion pill, mifepristone, will not be banned at a national level.

An investigation found a minor was able to place bets at several venues across Melbourne between 2022 and 2023.
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TAB fined $370k for allowing an underage teen to gamble

A Melbourne court found the company failed to properly supervise multiple venues across Victoria, allowing an underage teenager to gamble on multiple occasions across multiple venues.

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas.
Latest News Politics

South Australia plans to ban political donations

Premier Peter Malinauskas said draft legislation could see SA become a “world leader” in taking “money out of politics.”

Displaced Palestinian women walk past destroyed buildings in Gaza.
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Global peace deteriorated at historic rate in 2023

An independent think tank compared levels of peacefulness across 163 nation-states for its annual Global Peace Index.

average CEO salary
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Average CEO salaries in Australia up by 14% in the past year

Charity CEOs’ average salary decreased over the past year to $265,000, down from $267,000 last year.

Australia unemployment rate May
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Australia’s unemployment rate for May falls to 4%

Australia’s unemployment rate fell slightly to 4% in May, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Lia Thomas transgender swimmer
Latest News Sport

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas loses World Aquatics appeal, no shot at Olympics

Lia Thomas sought to overturn the ban on some transgender athletes in time for this month’s U.S. Olympic Team swimming trials.

Far-right parties have performed strongly in the EU elections.
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Far-right parties made major gains in the EU elections

Far-right parties have performed strongly in the EU elections, as results show centrist and left-wing parties have lost ground.

Hunter Biden has been found guilty of federal gun charges.
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Hunter Biden found guilty of three gun charges

Hunter Biden, the only living son of U.S. President Joe Biden, has been found guilty of criminal charges relating to a gun he owned in 2018.

A sign outside Bacchus Marsh Grammar in Victoria.
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Teen arrested over AI-generated nudes of girls at a Victorian school

Dozens of girls at a Victorian school have had AI nude photos made of them, leading to a police arrest of a teenage boy.

Jarryd Hayne outside court. The ex-NRL player has successfully appealed his rape conviction.
Latest News Sport

Jarryd Hayne successfully appeals rape conviction

It comes more than a year after the former Parramatta Eels star was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in 2018 and sentenced to a maximum of four years and nine months in prison.

Women work in a newsroom in the 1970s. They have grim expressions and work at typewriters.
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Career dissatisfaction is high for women in media. Why?

The 2024 Women in Media (WIM) Insight report surveyed 329 workers in sectors including journalism, production, public relations and publishing.

La Liga football fans jailed for racism
Latest News Sport

Valencia football fans jailed for racism

The fans are also banned from entering football stadiums for two years and must cover the cost of the court proceedings.

2024 NBA Finals
Latest News Sport

2024 NBA Finals: What to know

The Celtics lead the series 2-0 after winning the first two games at home in Boston. Here are the storylines you need to know if you are just tuning in.

Answering your questions about tax
Economics Latest News

Answering your questions about tax

Global warming and pollution are more life-threatening than drug abuse, war and terrorism, new research has found.
Environment Latest News

How bad is climate change and pollution? New study shows impacts

Global warming and pollution are more life-threatening than drug abuse, war and terrorism, new research has found.

new bail rules in new south wales
Latest News

New bail rules for alleged DV offenders in NSW

It follows Government’s commitment to support victim-survivors of domestic, family, and sexual violence.

Are young people getting a pay rise?
Economics Latest News Politics

Are young people getting a pay rise?

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