Nike Training Squad 2024 TDA

The 2024 TDA x Nike Training Squad

Nike and TDA are on a mission to establish a national collective of young female and gender-diverse sports journalists. Even though women make up roughly 50% of all journalists in Australia, only 10% of sports journalists identify as female. Let’s change that. The three-month Training Squad program will help five ambitious female or gender-diverse journalists aged 18-35 accelerate their careers in Australian sports journalism.


Who is your dream candidate?
We’d love to hear from a female journalist or creator aged 18-35 who has already taken some steps towards their dream of being a sports reporter by covering sport on their own blog, social page or publication. They’ve experimented with video or audio, love being on the sidelines chasing a story and are ready to take the leap into the media industry. They can still be studying – that’s totally ok!
Does it cost to participate in the program?
No, the program is totally free for selected participants.
Where will the content live?
The content will live on the platforms of the creators, not on TDA or any other media outlet. Creators will be encouraged to grow their own audience, with options to team up with their peers for larger projects.
Can someone join the Training Squad if they are already working full-time?
Yes. There is no expectation this will be your sole focus, but rather sit alongside studies or full-time work. Sessions will be structured accordingly.
Do participants have to enter the media after the program?
No. We give you tools, information, opportunities and networks to find your dream job in a newsroom. How and when you use that information is up to you.
I already work as a sports journalist; can I still apply?
If you’re already working full-time in a media organisation covering sports content, you are unable to apply for this program. However, we welcome applicants with some prior experience, those who are working casually or part-time, and those who wear many hats in their newsrooms and want to enhance their sports content.
What type of subject areas will be covered in the training?
Written journalism, interviewing techniques, social media growth, presenting to camera and audience development.
Why is this program focusing on female participants? Shouldn’t we be supporting all minorities in sports journalism?
This program aims to address the gender disparity that exists in the sports journalism industry. Historically, female and gender diverse journalists have been underrepresented in sports media, and this program aims to provide targeted support to those journalists. We recognise that gender intersects with many other identity markers, and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.
Why should I apply for this program?
Why not! There are a tonne of reasons to consider applying for The Training Squad. First and foremost, this program offers a unique opportunity to receive mentorship, guidance, and support from industry experts at TDA and access to Nike’s resources and connections within the sports world. You will have the chance to create engaging content related to women’s sports and build a strong portfolio that can help you land your dream job in sports journalism. Additionally, you will join a community of talented and inspiring women, gain exposure to major sporting events in Australia, and receive personalised support to navigate the media industry with confidence.
What is Nike’s involvement in The Training Squad program?
Nike is a founding partner in The Training Squad program. As a global leader in sports, Nike brings its resources, expertise, and access to sports stars to provide valuable support to the participants. Nike’s involvement includes offering guidance, workshops, and resources related to storytelling, branding, and leveraging digital platforms. They are committed to empowering young female and gender diverse sports journalists and helping them establish a strong professional identity.
How will applicants be selected?
Applicants will go through a selection process that involves reviewing their applications, including their personal answers to open questions and submission of a sample of your work. The selection committee will assess the applicants based on their passion for sports journalism, creativity, writing/presenting skills, and potential to contribute to the field. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional assessments to determine their suitability for the program.
Is The Training Squad a one-off?
The Training Squad is designed as an ongoing program. While specific cohorts will be selected for each iteration, the program aims to continue providing opportunities for young female and gender diverse sports journalists in the future. It seeks to establish a collective of talented individuals who can grow, support each other, and make a lasting impact in Australian sports journalism.
Is there an age limit on The Training Squad program?
The program welcomes applications from individuals of various age groups. While there is no specific age limit, the focus is on female and gender diverse journalists between the ages of 18-35 who are studying or in the early stages of their careers and seeking to accelerate their professional growth. The program aims to provide opportunities for emerging talent and create a pathway for them to enter the sports journalism industry.
I don’t live in Australia, can I apply?
The Training Squad is currently open to applicants in Australia. However, we encourage you to stay connected and updated as there may be future programs or opportunities that are open to applicants from different regions. It’s always worth exploring local initiatives and partnerships that support aspiring sports journalists in your area.
Will my data be secure?

The data collected through this application process will be used solely for the purpose of The Training Squad. Your personal information will always remain confidential. The Daily Aus’ privacy policy will govern the handling of your data in this application process – we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the policy to understand how your information may be used, stored, and protected. If you have any concerns, questions, or requests regarding the application’s data collection or privacy practices, please contact the application administrators at [email protected] .

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