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Who is NZ’s new prime minister?
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Who is NZ’s new prime minister?


The Jacinda Ardern era is officially over. As Australians went to the polls for the Voice referendum on Saturday, New Zealanders voted in their national election. Last election, then-PM Jacinda Ardern led Labour to a comfortable victory. Fast forward three years to 2023 and it was Ardern’s replacement, Chris Hipkins, conceding defeat on election night. New Zealanders voted for a new Government and a new PM, so what happened to Labour, who is PM-elect Christopher Luxon and the National Party, and how has New Zealand’s political landscape shifted between elections? We’ll unpack everything about the NZ election in today’s deep dive.

Hosts: Zara Seidler and Emma Gillespie
Producers: Lucy Tassell and Joe Kiely
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