Social-first news service The Daily Aus unveils brand identity refresh

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The Daily Aus have today launched a complete brand refresh, from creative agency Hatrik House, to reflect the youth news outlet ‘growing up’.

It’s the first time the brand has had an update since it was founded by Sam Koslowski and Zara Seidler over 6 years ago. Alongside refreshed fonts, colours, and logos, the biggest change comes through the introduction of a new tagline, ‘now it makes sense’. 

Co-Founder Sam Koslowski said, “This is an incredibly exciting moment for TDA. When we started out six years ago we chose some colours, got a friend to draw a logo, and just ran with it. It’s been amazing to see how familiar the brand has become for our audience of now nearly two million Australians every month, but the time was definitely right to mature our visual identity to reflect the “growing up” we’ve done as a business. We can’t wait to see where this bolder, more confident new look can take us.”

“It’s also important for us to have a bit of polish for our brand partnerships – now that we’re working with some of Australia’s leading brands like the Australian Open, Nike, Up, and Federal Government agencies, we’re definitely keen to be showing up with pride and maturity”, Koslowski said.

“I think publishers, agencies and brands have been underestimating us – we’re here to stay”.  

Audiences will see these brand updates rolling out across TDA’s Instagram, podcast, newsletter and website from today.

About The Daily Aus

The Daily Aus launched over six years ago with the first post to their Instagram account, which now has over half a million followers. They’ve since added a daily podcast (currently Spotify’s number one news podcast), newsletter and TikTok account, growing into the go-to news platform for young Australians.

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