Up And The Daily Aus Announce An Exclusive Partnership

Up and TDA partnership

Up, the banking app used by over 600,000 Australians, has announced a long-term partnership with youth news outlet The Daily Aus.

Under the agreement, Up will be the exclusive banking partner of TDA, with the two companies working together to break down the jargon-filled personal finance news sector via a series of innovative video explainers. This partnership is the first exclusive partnership TDA has signed since co-founders Sam Koslowski and Zara Seidler went full-time on the brand two years ago.

With a rapidly growing newsletter, a chart-topping daily news podcast and a newly-launched website, TDA now reaches over one million young Australians every month. Up, a technology-led bank, is fast becoming the go-to bank for young Australians – TDA’s core audience.

Custom in-app features such as their Maybuy program (which Up built as an antidote to BNPL and impulse buying), the Save Up 1000 savings plan, ‘2Up’ joint accounts and zero-fee overseas transactions have renewed enthusiasm in banking for a generation of Australians that are failing to resonate with major players.

“Most of our team here at TDA were already Up users – it’s easy to work with a brand we genuinely use and believe in. I think it’s more important than ever for news brands – especially those targeting young people – to put trust and authenticity at the heart of our partnerships, and that’s why the exclusive partnership with Up feels so natural,” Co-founder Sam Koslowski said.

“At TDA, we encourage our readers to go beyond the jargon of traditional news and engage with the world around them. That same challenge exists in banking, and Up is performing a similar function”, Koslowski continued. “We are thrilled to be partnering with TDA,” said Sebastian Neylan, senior growth marketer of Up.

“Their commitment to providing high-quality news and analysis aligns perfectly with our mission to empower Australians to take control of their finances and not take any presumed knowledge for granted. By working together, we can also give our customers unique and valuable insights into the issues that matter most to them.”

The partnership between Up and TDA signals a long-term commitment to providing young Australians with the best possible banking and news services. With both companies sharing a commitment to trust, innovation and customer service, this partnership promises to deliver significant benefits to a new generation of Aussies.

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