32 homes have been destroyed in Queensland’s bushfires

32 homes have been lost after several days of extreme conditions in the Western Downs region where there are Queensland bushfires.
Queensland Bushfires

Bushfires continue to threaten lives and properties in Queensland’s south as firefighters on the ground and in the air work to contain the blazes.

32 homes have been lost and two people have died after several days of extreme conditions in the Western Downs region.

Storm activity worsened conditions overnight, with fires burning through over 20,000 hectares in the last week.

Background on the Queensland bushfires

Earlier this week, hundreds of fires broke out across the Western Downs in Queensland, west of Brisbane.

Residents were evacuated from the approaching fires and surrounding regions were put on alert, including Toowoomba.

In less than a week, Queensland Fire Emergency Services have responded to over 420 vegetation fires.

Fire bans have been put in place until the end of the month.

Two deaths

A body was found near a dam in the bushfire ravaged town of Tara earlier this week.

Police believe the remains are of a missing adult male, but are yet to confirm an identity.

A 73-year-old woman suffered a fatal heart attack while trying to evacuate her property.

Queensland bushfire conditions

The Bureau of Meteorology has reported an unusually hot start to spring, with above-average temperatures for October.

Little rainfall and dry winds have made it difficult for firefighters in the Western Downs to contain this week’s blazes.

Temperatures and winds are expected to ease slightly in parts of the Darling Downs and Granite Belt area this weekend, and no further lightning is forecast in the coming days.

However, dangerous fire conditions are expected to return early next week for the Western Downs.

NSW bushfires

South of Queensland’s bushfire emergency, there are currently more than 95 fires in northern NSW, with 50 uncontained blazes.

So far, those bushfires have burned through over 63,000 hectares. More than 800 firefighters are battling the blazes in NSW.

The majority of these fires are in the state’s bushland regions, and there is no immediate threat to nearby towns.

The bushfire situation in Northern NSW could intensify over the weekend, with hot temperatures forecast.

While cooler weather is expected next week, dry winds will increase, making it harder for crews to establish containment lines around the bushfires.

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