48 Australian electricity providers have been ranked based on climate action


48 Australian electricity providers have been ranked based on climate action in Greenpeace’s ‘Green Electricity Guide’.

Greenpeace says it collected data for the ranking through a survey that was sent to each company, as well as public information released by the Clean Energy Regulator and information made publicly available on the websites of providers.

There are six key criteria areas that decide the ranking:

– Providing clean, renewable energy
– Ending coal use by 2030
– Halting fossil fuel expansion
– Support for new renewable energy
– Transparency of marketing
– Pollution and environmental harm

Who ranked the best?

Enova Energy was ranked number one, scoring five stars and 100% for each of the criteria. It also received a bonus point for its community engagement. Diamond Energy was ranked second with five stars and scoring 100% in each of the criteria.

Momentum Energy was ranked third with 4.5 stars because its parent company owns and operates two gas power stations. Indigo Power was ranked fourth and was given four stars.

The lowest score nationwide

Energy giant AGL Energy, who was ranked last (48th) and given a one star score, is Australia’s largest generator and retailer of energy and electricity. According to the ranking, the company accounts for 8% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the report claiming “83% of AGL’s generation comes from burning coal”.

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