Queensland transport fares cut to 50 cents

50-cent fares will be rolled out on Queensland public transport services from August, as part of a program to reduce traffic congestion.
50-cent fares

Queenslanders will pay no more than 50 cents per public transport journey, the State Government has announced.

From 5 August, a one-way flat rate will apply to state-wide services including buses, trains, ferries, and trams. The initiative will continue for six months.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles hopes it will reduce traffic congestion and encourage more public transport use, which has fallen by 13% since the pandemic.

50-cent fares

The 50-cent fare will apply to all public transport journeys in the state, regardless of distance, until February.

Commuters will still need to tap on and off with their ticket for each journey.

The Queensland Government estimates an office worker from Brisbane’s outer suburbs will save about $800 over the six-month initiative. Commuters who travel from the Gold Coast to Brisbane could save over $2000.

Children aged 5-14 will still travel free on weekends.

Queensland election

Queensland voters will head to the polls for a state election in October.

Miles dismissed suggestions that the 50-cent fares are a re-election strategy, saying he’s wanted to introduce the measure “for a long time”.

Miles told Nine News he hoped his Labor Government could continue “something like” the cheaper fares, depending on the success of the 50-cent journeys.


Queensland’s Liberal-National Opposition supported the plan but questioned its February expiration date.

Deputy Opposition Leader Jarrod Bleije told the ABC that Queenslanders would be “cynical” of the announcement, given its timing ahead of the election.

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