Over 500 alleged domestic violence offenders arrested in NSW

About 40% of those arrested across the four-day ‘Operation Amarok VI’ were charged with ‘serious domestic violence offences’.
500 domestic violence offenders arrested in nsw

CW: Domestic violence
Police have arrested over 500 alleged domestic violence offenders in NSW and laid more than 1,000 charges as part of a statewide domestic and family violence crackdown.

About 40% of those arrested across the four-day ‘Operation Amarok VI’ were charged with ‘serious domestic violence offences’.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Thurtell said these alleged offenders “pose a significant threat to their victims”.

Here’s what you need to know.

Domestic violence

The Australian Institute of Criminology has reported a nearly 30% increase in women who were killed by an intimate partner in 2022/23, compared to the previous year.

NSW Police said it responded to nearly 150,000 domestic violence-related calls for help last year.

State Police Minister Yasmin Catley said this “shows the severity of the situation”. Catley said it also shows the importance of prevention, early intervention, and crisis support.


Those arrested during the operation were charged with a range of offences. This includes assault, intimidation, and breaching an apprehended domestic violence order.

Police also seized around 80 weapons, including nearly 40 illegal guns.

Further, coercive control laws come into effect in NSW on 1 July. Thurtell said this will help police “address domestic violence offenders”.


Operation Amarok VI finished on Saturday. This was before a 38-year-old father and two-year-old boy were found dead at a home in the northern NSW town of Lismore. Police confirmed the incident was domestic violence-related.

Thurtell said the man had “an access visit” with his son, which was due to end at 4.30 pm. The son’s mother contacted police at around 5.30 pm on Sunday.

A crime scene was established and a report is now being prepared for the coroner.


NSW Shadow Police Minister Paul Toole called police operations of this kind “important”.

He said women in regional NSW were “disproportionately affected by domestic violence”.

Toole also said he hopes the 554 offenders arrested were ”not granted bail and kept behind bars for the sake of protecting their victims.”

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