A ‘freedom convoy’ protest took place at Parliament House today


Individuals from across Australia have travelled to Canberra today, protesting against vaccines and COVID-19 related mandates.

Dubbed the “freedom convoy”, the protests come after a similar convoy occurred in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

Swipe to see how it started in Canada, and where the Australian convoy is at now.

Canada’s freedom convoy

Large protests have broken out in Canada over the last week due to vaccination measures that require unvaccinated truck drivers to quarantine for 14 days if they cross the U.S-Canada border. The measure was implemented earlier this month by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government, which then led to a ‘freedom convoy’.
The convoy first started with truck drivers who travelled from British Columbia to Ottawa to protest the measure. Local newspaper The Toronto Sun reported that 50,000 trucks were participating in the convoy, however, that number has since been disputed. The protests have now turned into a wider demonstration against the Trudeau Government and COVID-related mandates.

The Ottawa Police are now investigating several incidents, including “threatening/illegal/ intimidating behaviour to police/city workers and other individuals and damage to a city vehicle”. Throughout the protests, swastika flags have been present, and a woman was seen dancing on top of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Over the weekend, Trudeau and his family reportedly left their home in Ottawa amid safety concerns.

What about Australia?

Over the weekend, a group of Australians organised their own convoy on Facebook. Within five days, the Facebook group had amassed 100,000 members and organisers started a GoFundMe fundraiser which has raised over $160,000.

In the group, the convoy planned to convene today at Parliament House in Canberra and block surrounding roads.

The convoy travelled to Parliament House today and protesters were met by police. Some protesters had driven their cars onto the lawn in front of Parliament House, whilst others were seen demonstrating at the front doors. However, Parliament was not sitting today.

Later yesterday, GoFundMe announced it had paused the convoy’s fundraiser until the group could provide details on how the money will be spent.

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