Man hands himself in over missing Sydney couple

Police are speaking with a man over missing Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, who haven't been seen since Monday.
A man is in custody over missing Sydney couple

NSW Police have announced a man handed himself in to police this morning in relation to a search for a missing Sydney couple from the city’s Eastern Suburbs.

Ex-Channel 10 presenter Jesse Baird and flight attendant Luke Davies have not been seen since Monday. Police are treating their disappearances as suspicious.

Media reports suggest the man now in custody is Beau Lamarre, a NSW police officer believed to be Baird’s former partner. This has not been confirmed by police.

What we know

On Thursday afternoon, NSW Police announced they were investigating the suspicious disappearance of Baird, 26, and Davies, 29.

Sydney man Luke Davies and his boyfriend Jesse Baird haven’t been seen since Monday.

The missing Sydney couple have not been seen since Monday. On Wednesday morning, some of their possessions were found in a skip bin in Cronulla. On Wednesday afternoon, police went to Baird’s home in Paddington and immediately established a crime scene.

Police then went to Davies’ home in Waterloo, but he was not there.


On Thursday, police executed a search warrant at a home in Balmain in relation to a third man they believe is linked to the men’s disappearances.

Media has said this home is connected to a family member of Lamarre, the man who today reportedly handed himself into police, but NSW Police have not confirmed this.

Police said they took a number of items from the Balmain home for further inspection, but have not said what these items are.


In today’s announcement, police said the 29-year-old man handed himself in to Bondi Police station at 10:30am.

He will be transferred to Waverley Police station where investigations will continue.

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