A “mayday alert” has been issued on a flight between Auckland and Sydney

UPDATE: The plane has landed safely.
Australia's consumer watchdog has warned airlines about overcharging this holiday period

A “mayday alert” has been issued for Qantas Flight QF144 from Auckland to Sydney. A mayday alert indicates an aircraft is in “grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance”.

There are several reports of an engine failure. A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance said no injuries have been reported and that emergency crews are on standby “as a precaution”.

The flight is expected to land safely in Sydney at 3:30pm.

Qantas statement

“Qantas Flight 144, a 737 flying from Auckland to Sydney, experienced an issue with one of its engines… While a mayday was initially issued, this was downgraded to a PAN. The aircraft landed safely… the 145 passengers onboard disembarked the aircraft normally.”

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