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A new airline is entering Australian skies: Bonza

A new airline is entering Australian skies: Bonza

A new airline is entering Australian skies: Bonza

A new low-cost airline based on the Sunshine Coast has received the final approval to begin flying in Australia.

The airline is called ‘Bonza’ and will be flying to regional centres in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

It’s the first new major airline to enter the Australian market since Tiger Airways over 15 years ago.

The context

CEO of Bonza Tim Jordan says its strategy is to “make it more affordable to fly”.

The airline is backed by 777 Partners, a U.S. investment equity firm.

Federal Minister for Regional Development, Catherine King, said Bonza’s entry to the Australian market would offer “more choice to the travelling public” and put “downward pressure on fares”.

Marketing campaigns

Bonza has branded itself as the ‘true blue’ Australian carrier in the lead-up to its first flight.

Last year, Bonza named three of its planes Bazza, Shazza, and Sheila, following a vote from its followers.

They have also launched their own pair of Bonza budgie smugglers, and have announced plans to install a ‘Big Bonza Budgies’ tourist attraction fixture in the Whitsundays region of Queensland.

What’s next?

Following the approval, Bonza said they had started preparations to sell airfares to passengers. No specific date or timeline has been given for this.

While based on the Sunshine Coast, Bonza also plans to house future planes in Melbourne.

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