A new deal could see Australia-India film productions

Governments have signed a new agreement that could see Australia-India film productions made by the two countries.
Australia-India film productions

Governments have signed a new agreement that could see Australia-India film productions. It will see the two countries partner to produce more cross-cultural films and TV shows.

The ‘Australia-India Audio-visual Co-production Agreement’ is aimed at strengthening diplomatic ties and growing the Australian film-making industry.

This partnership means eligible projects in both countries will receive Government funding, including grants and loans.

Australia-India film production deal

The agreement was initially discussed between Anthony Albanese and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Albanese’s visit to India in March.

Albanese said the agreement would support “skilled jobs” and “the development of screen projects of cultural significance in both countries.”

Arts Minister Tony Burke said “India is a global film powerhouse and this agreement is great news for the Australian screen industry.”

Screen Australia

Screen Australia is a government agency that supports and funds Australian film projects.

It will be responsible for managing the funding of projects filmed in Australia under the new deal.

The agreement extends Screen Australia’s global partnerships, which include Canada, Italy, Singapore, China, and the UK.

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