AI child abuse material leads to sentence in Tasmanian first

ai child abuse material

A man in Tasmania has been jailed for two years for possessing child abuse material, including AI generated content.

According to the Australian Federal Police, it’s the first time in Tasmanian history that a person has been charged over this kind of content.

AI child abuse material

In October last year, the man pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing child abuse material and using a carriage service to access the material.

He’s now been sentenced to two years in prison with a non-parole period of 10 months.

AFP response

Detective Sergeant Aaron Hardcastle said: “Child abuse material is still child abuse material, no matter what form it takes.

“People may not be aware that online simulations, fantasy, text-based stories, animations and cartoons, including artificial intelligence-generated content depicting child sexual abuse are all still considered child abuse material under [Federal] legislation.”

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