New plan for AI use in Australian schools

AI in Australian schools will be guided by a national framework released by the Federal Government on Friday.
AI in Australian schools 

The Federal Government has announced measures for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Australian classrooms.

The national framework, released on Friday, warns against AI being used to replace teaching. However, it does outline some positive advantages of AI to aid student learning.

The framework, which comes into effect next year, was agreed by state and territory governments in October before being made public.

AI in Australian schools

Education ministers from around the country agreed to develop a framework in February after understanding the risks and opportunities of AI was declared a “national education priority”.

The framework is aimed at helping students and teachers to use AI ethically and responsibly, but as it is not legislation, schools don’t have to adhere to it.

The Australian AI school framework

The framework says AI tools, such as ChatGPT, should only be used to support teaching and learning, not replace it.

Schools have been advised to teach students about the limitations and potential biases of AI.

The framework calls on schools to clearly state whether AI can be used for assessments, and suggests that students should always disclose how AI has been used in their work.

Safety and fairness

The framework recommends schools use AI tools that have been specifically tested and proven to support classroom learning. It warned against using AI tools that unnecessarily collect or sell user data.

The framework also asks schools to ensure AI tools don’t discriminate against students with disability, or from diverse backgrounds.

Parent involvement

Schools have been asked to provide information and guidance to parents and carers about AI use.

The framework also supports parents and carers raising any questions and concerns they may have over a school’s AI use, including the influence of the tools on student decision-making and overall learning.

AI tools are already being trialled in several schools across Australia. These trials have adopted the principles within the framework, which will be formally implemented from Term 1 next year.

Federal Education Minister Jason Clare said the framework would be reviewed annually to “keep pace” with changes to AI technology.

“If we get this right, generative AI can help personalise education and make learning more compelling and effective.”

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