Search underway for Australian brothers in Mexico

Australian brothers in Mexico have been declared missing, after they failed to reach their planned accommodation on the weekend.
Australian brothers in Mexico

A search is underway for two Australian brothers missing in Mexico’s Baja California region.

Jake and Callum Robinson, along with a friend from the U.S., had been on a camping and surfing trip near the city of Ensenada, about 100 kilometres south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

They were due to check in to an Airbnb in the resort town of Rosarito on Saturday, but didn’t show up.

Australian brothers in Mexico

Jake and Callum’s mother, Debra Robinson, posted a message on social media asking for help with the search.

Debra said that Callum has type 1 diabetes so there is a “medical concern”.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it’s “providing consular assistance” to Jake and Callum’s family, but wouldn’t provide further comment. The search is being conducted by local police.

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