India expansion on the cards for universities

Six Australian universities have agreed to investigate the possibility of adding campuses in India. It comes during a visit to the country.
Australian universities in India

Six Australian universities could soon offer their courses to students in India.

Western Sydney University, the University of Canberra, and La Trobe University are among the institutions to have agreed on a joint approach to meet increased demand in India for higher education services. Griffith University, James Cook University, and Flinders University also signed onto the deal.

The deal was announced during a visit to India this week by Australian education representatives, led by Federal Education Minister Jason Clare.

Australian universities in India

The six universities will explore the possibility of delivering Australian degrees collaboratively in India, meaning they would work together to deliver courses overseas, rather than as individual entities.

It’s aimed at expanding education access for Indian students and the presence of Australian universities. Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor said India is “Australia’s second-largest source of international students,” and described the relationship between the countries as “vital”.

The agreement builds on other Australian education deals already in place in India.

Deakin University and the University of Wollongong have already announced plans for Indian campuses.

These will be the first two foreign uni campuses in India. Both campuses are expected to open by July 2024.

Education in India

The Indian Government hopes to have 50% of young people enrolled in post-school education by 2035.

A larger university presence, including in-country campuses delivering Australian courses, will help support this goal.

The strategy also presents an economic opportunity for Australian universities, which will be able to expand their access to students beyond Australia.

Australian delegation

The delegation of Australian university representatives in India will also travel to Indonesia, where similar interest in Australian unis is also developing.

Monash University is the only Australian uni campus in Indonesia.

However, Western Sydney University, Deakin University, and Central Queensland University all plan on adding Indonesian campuses in the future.

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