New survey shows Australians’ views on world issues

The Lowy Institute surveyed 2,000 respondents about Australia’s place in the world for its annual poll.
New survey shows Australians' views on world issues

Thousands of Australians have shared their views on world issues including foreign affairs, global trade, safety, defence, and climate change.

The Lowy Institute surveyed 2,000 respondents about Australia’s place in the world for its annual poll.

The independent research body found two-thirds of Australians would vote for Joe Biden if they were eligible to participate in the next U.S. election.

Here’s what else it found.

Global trust

Respondents were asked if they trust these countries to “act responsibly.”

84% of Australians feel “warmly” towards New Zealand.

Japan is considered Australia’s “best friend” by 42% of respondents. Followed by Singapore (16%)
then Indonesia (15%).

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is Australians’ most trusted political leader, with 65% of respondents having confidence in him.


53% of respondents consider China to be more of a security threat to Australia than an economic partner.

That’s an increase of 253% from 2015, when 15% of Australians saw China as more of a security threat than an economic partner.


90% of Australians think the country’s diverse population is at least “mostly positive”.

Around half think migration is “too high”.


This year’s survey was the first time the Lowy Institute asked Australians about AI.

52% said they think the “potential risks” of AI are greater than its “potential benefits”.

45% think the benefits of AI are greater than the risks. 3% said they were unsure.

Climate change

57% of Australians have views that climate change “is a serious and pressing problem.”


62% of Australians feel safe or very safe in 2024, compared to 91% in 2005.

Respondents listed cyberattacks as their biggest safety concern.

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