Largest vape seizure in Australia’s history

Australia's biggest vape seizure has amassed nearly 500,000 illegally imported vapes, worth about $15 million in street value.
Australia's biggest vape seizure

Almost half a million vapes have been seized by officials, in the largest single bust of e-cigarettes in Australia’s history.

The bust was led by Australia’s drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and Victoria Police.

The Australian Border Force had previously detected a total of 611,000 vape products shipped into the country. The seizure announced today brings the total number of vapes seized to over one million.

Australia’s biggest vape seizure

The vape seizure was finalised following investigations by border officials in Melbourne this week. They came from China, and have a street value of $15 million.

The import of disposable vapes has been illegal in Australia since the start of this year. From March, the import of all recreational vapes (including reusable vapes) was banned.

There are currently laws before federal parliament that would ban the domestic manufacture and supply of vapes. Advertising vaping products would also be outlawed if the draft laws pass.

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