Australia’s first ever national guideline to support Autistic children was released this week

Australia launches its first-ever national guideline offering 84 recommendations for children with autism up to 12 years old.
Australia's First Ever National Guideline to Support Children with Autism Was Released This Week

The Federal Government has launched Australia’s first-ever national guideline to support Autistic children . It was developed by a publicly funded autism research centre, and offered 84 recommendations to support Autistic children up to 12. Health Minister Mark Butler said the principles in the guideline would be reflected in a national autism strategy now being developed by the Government.

Autism in Australia

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition diagnosed through developmental assessments and behavioural observations. According to a 2018 survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 205,000 people have been diagnosed with autism in Australia.

The Guidelines

The guideline was led by a group that included Autistic adults, and researchers and practitioners in the autism community. They recommended embracing an Autistic child unique understanding of people and the world around them, and to not seek to “cure” them. They also supported work that honours the “goals and activities of childhood”, such as play and personal discovery. Respecting diverse cultural perspectives in programs, as well as ensuring culturally safe programs for First Nations people, was also recommended.

A National Strategy

Work on a national autism strategy began this month. It will work to provide a “whole of-life” plan for all Autistic Australians, and will use the new national guidelines to inform its own strategy. No legislation is needed for the guideline’s recommendations to be implemented.

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