Australia’s largest coal-fired power plant will shut down seven years early


Origin Energy says it plans to close the Eraring power station in NSW in 2025, seven years earlier than originally planned. Eraring is Australia’s largest coal-fired power plant.

In a statement, Origin said the move was consistent with the company’s aim “to lead Australia’s energy transition towards net zero emissions”. The company said “rapidly changing conditions” in the energy market “are increasingly not well suited to traditional baseload power stations”.

The move comes a week after energy company AGL announced early closure of its two biggest coal-fired power plants. AGL plans to shut the Bayswater station in the Hunter Valley by 2033 rather than 2035, and the Loy Yang A plant in Victoria by 2045 instead of 2048. Its Liddell plant in the Hunter Valley is expected to close in 2023.

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