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Sticky Fingers has been removed from the Bluesfest lineup

Sticky Fingers has been removed from the Bluesfest lineup

Sticky Fingers Has Been Removed from the Bluesfest Lineup

However, in a statement, the organisers have repeated their defence of the band

The festival organisers of Bluesfest have announced they will remove Sticky Fingers from its lineup after weeks of backlash and the withdrawal of other artists from the schedule. In a statement, the organisers said the “narrative that they continue to deserve to be cancelled… is difficult to accept”. Swipe to see the statement.

“Bluesfest cannot, sadly, continue to support Sticky Fingers by having them play our 2023 edition, and we apologise to [those] we involved in this matter through our mistaken belief that forgiveness and redemption are the rock on which our society is built. The narrative that they continue to deserve to be cancelled, as well as anyone who publicly supports them, is difficult to accept, wherein a portion of society passes eternal judgement toward those, in this case, a diagnosed mentally ill person whom we feel doesn’t deserve the continued public scrutiny he’s being given.” Part of the statement from Bluesfest


Several artists pulled out of appearing at Bluesfest over the decision to include Sticky Fingers, whose lead singer Dylan Frost has attracted scrutiny over several allegations of misconduct. Bluesfest Director Peter Noble has called the backlash “cruel and unforgiving” and a “witch hunt”.

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