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Coles’ body-worn camera trial: will it reduce retail crime?

Coles’ body-worn camera trial: will it reduce retail crime?

coles body-worn cameras

Coles will equip some staff with body-worn cameras to reduce retail crime and protect workers.

The measure will be trialled across 30 stores in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland.

Here’s what you need to know.

How will Coles’ body-worn cameras work?

Staff will wear body-worn cameras that will only record once activated. “If a team member feels unsafe in a situation, they can turn on their body camera and will inform the customer that they are turning it on for safety,” a Coles spokesperson told TDA.


Coles is rolling out this initiative to address retail crime and the safety of staff.

Retail crimes can include shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, and assault.

Coles has said its team members are “often on the receiving end of abuse during incidents of retail crime”.

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