Coles quiet hour is introduced to increase accessibility

Coles has announced it’s expanding its 'Quiet Hour' option to every weekday, 6pm to 7pm across its stores nationally.
Coles quiet hour

Coles has announced it’s expanding its ‘Quiet Hour’ option to every weekday across its stores nationally.

From 6pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday, stores will adopt a quiet hour.

Radio, cash registers, and scanners will all be turned down to the lowest volume. The PA system will only be used for emergencies.

It’s intended to make the supermarket more accessible for customers who find the grocery store to be a high sensory environment.


Coles’ quiet hour is aimed at customers who may be sensitive to loud sounds in supermarkets, or experience anxiety and stress in loud environments.

In 2017, Coles was the first supermarket to introduce the measure, with an original quiet hour on Tuesdays from 10.30-11.30am. Coles has introduced the new hours on top of the pre-existing Tuesday morning.

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