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Crown Melbourne has been fined $120 million for gambling breaches

Crown Melbourne has been fined $120 million for gambling breaches

Crown Melbourne has been fined $120 million for gambling breaches

Melbourne’s Crown Casino has been fined $120 million by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) over two breaches of its gambling services.

The breaches occurred over roughly 12 years.

Here’s what you need to know.


Crown Melbourne was the subject of a Victorian Royal Commission last year, which found multiple instances of wrongdoing by operators of the casino.

The fines announced today were based on findings from the Royal Commission.

The punishment

Crown has received two fines – one for $100 million, and the other for $20 million.

The $100 million fine comes from a consistent failure to intervene with problem gamblers, who would be allowed to gamble for long periods of time (including for over 24 hours).

The other fine came after Crown was found to have not taken “all reasonable steps” to ensure that customers weren’t using artificial devices, such as credit cards, to hold down the play button on gaming machines.

What’s next

The VGCCC has said it is still considering further disciplinary action against Crown following findings from the Royal Commission.

Earlier this year, they fined Crown $80 million over an illegal payment scheme involving Chinese credit and debit cards being used to access gambling funds.

If more disciplinary action is issued, fines arising from the Royal Commission could surpass $200 million.

Commission comments

Chairperson of the VGCCC, Fran Thorn, said today’s action will “send a powerful message” to Crown.

“This disciplinary action also sounds a warning to all in the Victorian gambling industry that we expect them to do everything they can to minimise the harmful impacts of gambling.”

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