“Does anyone have an understanding of what they are inhaling?”

Queensland Govt investigates health risks & contents of e-cigarettes. Stay informed about potential dangers.
"Does anyone have an understanding of what they are inhaling?"

The QLD Government has announced it will investigate the health risks of vaping. The Queensland Government has announced a parliamentary inquiry will investigate what the long-term health risks of vaping are. It will also be tasked with investigating what is actually in vaping devices, as well as what is being done at schools to stop students from using e-cigarettes. It comes as the Queensland Government is set to table new anti-smoking legislation in Parliament this week.

Further details

A 2022 study from the Australian National University found that young people who vape are about three times more likely to take up smoking. A recent Cancer Council study also found that almost 90% of Australians believe e-cigarettes should be carefully regulated to stop future generations from being addicted to nicotine. Almost 90% also said that vaping should not be allowed on public transport, or in pubs and restaurants.

“Critically, we need to have greater knowledge about what vaping devices contain – does anyone have an understanding of what they are inhaling? Do these devices contain nicotine or, worse, do they contain dangerous or toxic chemicals?” – QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in a statement.

National focus 

Last month, Australia’s Health Ministers agreed on establishing a national e-cigarette working group aimed at protecting young people from the impacts of vaping devices. This includes evaluating measures related to the availability, appeal, and uptake of e-cigarettes.

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