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Early voting for the referendum begins next week

Early voting for the referendum begins next week

early voting referendum

Early voting for the Indigenous Voice referendum begins in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory on Monday.

It will open in the remaining Australian jurisdictions on Tuesday (due to the public holiday on Monday).

Who can vote early?

If you are planning on voting early, you’ll be asked to provide a reason. However, you will not be asked to provide documentation for your reason.

Reasons could include working, travelling, or being out of your electorate on referendum day (14 October).

The opening hours of early polling centres will vary, but they will generally be open from Mondays to Fridays, and some will be open next weekend.

Postal voting

You can also apply for a postal vote via the AEC website. Overseas voters are also eligible for postal voting.

Postal vote applications close at 6pm on 11 October.

Ballot papers sent via postal voting packs must be completed by 6pm on 14 October, and received by the AEC no later than 27 October.

Where is early voting?

Not every voting centre open on referendum day will be open for early voting.

An interactive map displaying polling places available for early voting, and on referendum day is available on the AEC website at

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