Eddie Jones named Japan coach

Eddie Jones and Japan have inked a long-term contract, less than two months after te Australian walked away from the Wallabies.
Eddie Jones and Japan 

Former Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has been appointed head coach of Japan’s national team.

In late October, Jones resigned from the Wallabies after they recorded their worst-ever result at a Rugby World Cup.

During the competition, Nine newspapers reported that Jones took an interview for the job with Japan’s national team while still coaching the Wallabies, which he consistently denied.

Eddie Jones and Japan

Jones signed a five-year contract with the Wallabies in January.

The Wallabies lost their first five games under Jones, who named a World Cup squad with a new captain and without many of its senior players.

The Wallabies did not make it past the group stage at the World Cup. Jones resigned shortly after the tournament.

Jones was named as Japan’s head coach on Wednesday night and will begin at the start of next year.

Japan’s team has been without a coach since the World Cup, where they also did not make it past the group stages of the competition.

Jones also coached Japan from 2012 to 2015.

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