Expanded paid parental leave passes House of Representatives

A draft law to increase paid parental leave has passed the Federal House of Representatives.
paid parental leave house of representatives

A draft law to increase paid parental leave has passed the Federal House of Representatives.

The legislation will now progress to the Senate for further consideration.

If passed, leave entitlements would increase from 20 to 26 weeks incrementally over the next three years.

PPL was expanded from 18 to 20 weeks last year. Draft legislation to increase it further was introduced in October.

Expanding PPL

About 180,000 families receive PPL every year. Almost all payments are redeemed by female parents.

If the draft law passes the Senate, from 1 July this year, PPL will increase by two weeks per year until it reaches 26 weeks by July 2026.

Eligible parents need to have worked consistent hours before the birth or adoption of their child and meet an income test proving they require the payment.

Legislation details

The legislation also includes up to four weeks of leave that both parents looking after a child can take at the same time, from 1 July 2025.

The measure is intended to encourage both parents to take leave, and for partners to give more support to the birthing parent.

It is also aimed at increasing female workforce participation by encouraging fathers and partners to independently care for their child.

Next steps

Expanded paid parental leave passed House of Representatives (the lower house) last night, after voting against Opposition and independent amendments.

The Government has a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, but will need some additional support for the legislation to pass the Senate.

If the Senate makes any changes, the draft will need to go back through the House before it becomes law.

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