Federal MPs are getting their biggest pay rise in a decade

Federal MPs will receive a 4% pay rise from Friday, signed off by the Remuneration Tribunal. It's their biggest wage increase in a decade.
federal MPs biggest pay rise

Federal MPs will receive a 4% wage increase from Friday – their biggest pay rise in a decade.

The decision was made by the Remuneration Tribunal, an independent government body that provides advice on public sector wages.

It means the base salary for a federal politician will rise from $217,060 to $225,742.

The pay rise

The Tribunal said its decision to award Federal MPs their biggest pay rise in a decade was partly because Australia’s politicians have only seen “conservative” wage increases in the past decade.

Politicians received their first post-pandemic pay rise last year, with an increase of 2.75%. In the nine years prior to that, MPs received four pay rises of 2% each.

federal MPs biggest pay rise








The Tribunal also said this year’s 4% pay rise reflected the “responsibilities and experience required” of MPs, and would help attract and retain MPs of “calibre”.

It pointed out pay increases in the public sector remained below those in the private sector.

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