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FIFA bans former Spanish soccer boss for World Cup kiss

FIFA bans former Spanish soccer boss for World Cup kiss

FIFA World Cup kiss

Football’s global governing body FIFA has banned former Spanish football boss Luis Rubiales for three years, after he non-consensually kissed a female player after the Women’s World Cup.

It comes more than two months after Rubiales kissed Spanish player Jenni Hermoso without her consent after her team won the World Cup in Sydney.

A statement released by FIFA on Tuesday said the incident breached its disciplinary code.

Rubiales has 10 days to appeal the decision.

Here’s how we got here.

The kiss

Spain defeated England 1-0 to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Sydney on 20 August.

During a medal ceremony after the game, Rubiales kissed Hermoso without her consent. She filed a legal complaint, alleging sexual assault and coercion.

A Spanish prosecutor escalated the complaint against Rubiales to the country’s High Court.

Rubiales denies the allegations.


The kiss at the FIFA World Cup sparked widespread calls for Rubiales to resign, with protests across the country described as Spanish football’s #MeToo moment.

In August, FIFA announced a provisional 90-day suspension for Rubiales while it investigated the incident.

On 11 September, Rubiales officially resigned as head of the Spanish Football Federation.

FIFA ban

FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee said it investigated Rubiales because the kiss may have breached FIFA guidelines on offensive behaviour at the World Cup.

Today’s decision means Rubiales will not be allowed to attend any national or international FIFA-affiliated football matches or training for the next three years.

Rubiales said he’ll appeal the decision. “I will go to the last resort to see that justice is done and that the truth shines through,” he wrote in a social media post.

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