New support for student nurses

New financial support for nurses is now available in NSW. The program will provide up to $12,000 in support to eligible student nurses.
Financial support for nurses

Student public health workers in NSW can now apply for financial support from the State Government worth up to $12,000.

Subsidies will be available across degrees including nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, and medicine.

Depending on their field of study, students must work in public health for at least five years or agree to work in a regional or rural setting to receive funding.

Financial support for nurses

Students starting healthcare degrees this year (like Aboriginal health or psychology) can apply for three annual payments of $4,000.

Second and third-year payments will be given to eligible students on the condition they stay enrolled in the course and pass every subject.

Students who graduated last year, or will graduate from 2024 to 2026, will be eligible for a one-off $8,000 payment after accepting a job with NSW Health.

The program will also extend to those studying degrees like dentistry and physiotherapy.

Nursing, medicine, and paramedicine students must study in a rural area or intend to work in a rural or regional area to be eligible for support.

The State Government estimates the scheme will support about a third of health worker graduates over the next three years. Payments can be spent however a student wishes.

NSW Government

NSW Premier Chris Minns said the program is aimed at retaining skilled workers amid tough competition for graduates. “In recent years, we’ve seen hard-working NSW healthcare workers leave for other states.”

The scheme is also aimed at reducing financial barriers to studying healthcare. There are a limited number of financial support places available. Applications will remain open until all subsidies are awarded.

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