First Nations Senator Pat Dodson is quitting politics

Pat Dodson, a First Nations man and Labor Senator, has announced he's quitting politics after seven years.
Pat Dodson quits politics

WA First Nations Senator Pat Dodson has announced he is quitting politics due to his health.

The 75-year-old said although his health is “slowly improving,” recent treatment for cancer has left him “physically unable to continue as a Senator”.

Senator Pat Dodson’s work

Dodson, a Yawuru Elder from Broome, has been called the ‘Father of Reconciliation’. Pat Dodson earned this in his work in promoting dialogue between First Nations communities and non-Indigenous Australians through his life work, including as a Senator.

In 2008, he won the Sydney International Peace Prize for his leadership on the reconciliation movement in Australia.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said today’s announcement “fills me with sadness — but also gratitude”.

He commended Dodson for “championing justice and advancing reconciliation” throughout his life.

Albanese said since Dodson became a Labor Senator in 2016, he has “gifted every member of our Caucus his wisdom, his courage, his fearless conviction and his eternal good humour”.

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