Flatmates.com.au reveals the most expensive suburbs

Flatmates.com.au has revealed the rent per room in Australia’s suburbs. Warriewood in NSW had the highest weekly rent of $600 for a room.
flatmates.com.au most expensive suburbs

Data from Flatmates.com.au has revealed the most expensive suburb to rent a room is Warriewood, with a weekly median rent of $600.

The top 10 most expensive areas to rent a room were in NSW. St Kilda, VIC shared the 10th most expensive position with Rose Bay, NSW, at $490 a week.

The national median rent for a room in a share house is $290 a week.

Flatmates.com.au’s most expensive suburbs

  1. Sydney: Warriewood, $600
  2. Melbourne: St Kilda, $490
  3. Perth: Mount Hawthorn, $420
  4. Brisbane: Brisbane City, $400
  5. ACT: Canberra, $370
  6. Darwin: Darwin City, $350
  7. Adelaide: Ascot Park, $350
  8. Hobart: Battery Point, $250

From a survey of over 10,000 people, Flatmates.com.au found that nearly half of home owners rented out a room this year as living alone was not an affordable option.

For financial reasons, like paying off mortgage or bills, nearly 90% of home owners listed a spare room.

Rises in interest rates was also a driving factor for two thirds of people who listed a room for rent.

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