School hour shake-up for Queensland

Flexible school hours in Queensland will be investigated by external officials before being approved under a new policy.
Flexible school hours in Queensland

The Queensland Government has finalised its framework to streamline flexible school hours across the state.

From next year, public school principals will require Government approval before making changes to students’ school hours.

However, the Government says the new procedure doesn’t give the “green light” to introduce four-day school weeks.

Flexible school hours in Queensland

Principals in QLD can currently change school hours based on students’ needs without external approval.

The Government said this has created “various operating hours” across QLD public schools and has led to “inconsistent processes”.

The creation of a new flexibility framework hopes to change that. It means changes to school hours of more than 30 minutes will need Government approval.

Flexible school hours

Changes to normal school hours could be created for students in specific year levels, or particular subject areas.

New hours would be aimed at catering to the availability of school facilities, or to support student and staff wellbeing.

Principals applying for a change mustn’t hinder students from meeting curriculum requirements.

Four-day school week

Principals wishing to change the number of school days in a normal week or fortnight will also need to apply for a change through the new policy.

The QLD Government pushed back on suggestions the framework will fast-track the possibility of four-day school weeks, which has already been trialled in some schools across the state.

It said it expects schools to continue operating from Monday to Friday. Modified school hours will be subject to review every two years.

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