France’s youngest and first openly gay PM sworn in

The new Prime Minister (PM) of France is both the youngest and first openly gay person to take on the top role.
Gabriel Attal France PM

Gabriel Attal has become France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister (PM). It comes after his predecessor Élisabeth Borne stepped down earlier this week.

The 34-year-old was born in one of France’s wealthiest areas in Western Paris. Attal completed a Master’s degree in public affairs at the prestigious Science Po University before becoming a French Health Ministry staffer.

Attal, considered the “rising star” of French politics, joined President Emmanuel Macron’s party in 2016 and became Education Minister last year.

France PM

Unlike in Australia, the parliamentary system of France functions with a president and a prime minister (PM).

The President, elected by French voters every five years, serves as the head of state and has control over foreign policy and defence matters.

The PM is appointed by the President, with the approval of Parliament, to serve as the head of government. The PM is responsible for everyday governing and domestic policy matters.

The Government’s popularity has been in the spotlight, with some unpopular reforms culminating in nation-wide strikes last June.

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