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Hamas has launched a surprise attack on Israel

Hamas has launched a surprise attack on Israel

hamas surprise attack

On Saturday, Hamas launched a surprise, wide-scale attack on Israel, including both missile attacks and on-the-ground advances.

Since then, at least 250 Israelis and 230 Palestinians have been killed.

Overnight, world leaders have called for de-escalation of the conflict.

Deaths and injuries

According to Israeli officials, over 250 Israelis have been killed in the last 24 hours by Hamas during the surprise attack. Up to 1,590 people are injured.

Mohammed Deif, a senior Hamas leader, called for a general uprising against Israel in a recorded message on Saturday, saying “if you have a gun, get it out. This is the time to use it — get out with trucks, cars, axes.”

According to three videos independently verified by the Washington Post, a number of Israeli citizens and soldiers have been taken hostage by Hamas forces. While the exact number is not known, Hamas has confirmed it has taken the hostages back to Gaza.

Following the attacks on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel was “at war” and said “we will bring the fight to them with might and scale which the enemy has not yet known.”

According to Palestinian officials, over 230 people have been killed in Gaza by Israeli forces. Al Jazeera has reported 1,700 injuries so far.

In a televised address, Netanyahu told citizens of Gaza to “leave now”. Israel will stop supplying electricity, fuel and goods to Gaza, according to a statement from Israel’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure.

Australia’s response

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese posted to X, saying: “Australia stands with our friend Israel in this time. We condemn the indiscriminate and abhorrent attacks by Hamas on Israel, its cities and civilians. We recognise Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Foreign Minister Penny Wong added: “Australia urges the exercise of restraint & protection of civilian lives.”

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has said the Coalition “utterly condemns the unprovoked and abhorrent attack by militant Hamas on Israel.”

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