Heatwave warnings issued across most of Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued heatwave warnings across parts of Australian states and territories except Tasmania.
heatwave warnings

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued heatwave warnings across parts of Australian states and territories except Tasmania.

Total fire bans are in force across parts of VIC, NSW, and SA, amid dozens of school closures and catastrophic fire warnings for some places.

Further, northeast QLD is on alert for a severe tropical cyclone.


The highest bushfire danger rating is a catastrophic fire warning. This has been issued in large parts of SA today, where temperatures are expected in the mid-40s. Additionally, expected storm conditions could intensify the fire risk.

Over 30 schools and preschools in SA are closed today due to the heatwave and fire risks.

Victoria’s northwest is expected to reach the mid 40s today, where possible storms and high winds are also forecast.

Likewise, the BoM has issued its most severe warning of an extreme heatwave in southern and inland NSW, where 20 schools have closed today.

Parts of the state are expected to reach the mid-40s this weekend, including a forecast 44°C in Sydney’s west tomorrow.

In addition, several parts of inland QLD and WA will warm to the mid to low 40s today and tomorrow.

Cyclone Jasper

Tropical Cyclone Jasper has developed in the Coral Sea off northeast QLD. Jasper, which is rated as a category four severe cyclone, is expected to turn west this weekend towards the mainland.

The BoM said the timing and severity of Jasper’s impact “remains highly uncertain”.

“However, the 7 day map shows the highest risk of Jasper moving onto the coast between Cooktown and Townsville, including Cairns.”

Health advice

Those in heatwave areas have been urged to stay indoors with UV ratings at very high and extreme levels across the country.

The Cancer Council said it’s important to take precautions during a heatwave such as planning “any outdoor activities for earlier in the morning or the evening”.

The BoM suggested keeping windows and blinds closed and using fans or air conditioning if possible. It recommended keeping cool in places like libraries and shopping centres.

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