Here’s exactly how to vote in the referendum

Make your vote count: here's TDA's guide for how to vote in the referendum. 
how to vote referendum

Make your vote count: here’s TDA’s guide for how to vote in the referendum.

Voters will be handed a ballot paper to vote in the referendum on Saturday.

You will be asked to clearly write ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ in the box next to the question.

It should be written in full (e.g. not ‘Y’ or ‘N’), in English, and inside the box on the ballot paper.

how to vote referendum
The two most correct ways to vote

How to vote

Voting can be done with a pen or pencil, and in upper or lower case.

Writing a ‘tick’ (✔︎) symbol on a ballot will be considered a ‘Yes’ vote. However, a cross (✘) won’t be considered a valid vote. This is based on legal advice the AEC received in 1988.

Voters who make a mistake on their ballot can be given a new one.

Completed ballot papers are then placed into a sealed box.

Polling places

Polling places will be open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday.

Schools and community centres are common polling places. A full guide of voting centres is available at aec.gov.au/referendums.

Before voting, you’ll be given a ballot paper from an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) official. They’ll be dressed in purple.

They will ask for your full name, address, and if you’ve already voted.

When will we know the result?

The AEC says an unofficial result could be announced on the night, depending on how close it is.

However, the official result can only be declared once it is mathematically certain and the mandatory second count has taken place.

On the night, every vote cast that day will be counted, as well as the large majority of votes cast at early voting centres.

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