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Here’s what Victorian politicians are promising on infrastructure

Here’s what Victorian politicians are promising on infrastructure

Here's what happened in the Victorian election

Early voting is already open for the Victorian election on Saturday, 26 November. Labor’s Daniel Andrews is seeking a third term as Premier. His opponent is Coalition leader Matthew Guy. Greens and independent candidates are expected to be competitive in seats across the state.

Major construction projects are often a feature of state elections, and this one is no exception.

Here are a few of the big ones, and where the parties stand.

Metro tunnel

Underground city train line already under construction and due to open in 2025. The Coalition has criticised its cost.

Suburban rail loop

A train line through outer suburbs. The Coalition wants to scrap all but the airport section and use money on health. Total cost estimated at over $200b.


Western suburbs roads upgrade
The Coalition is proposing $1.5b to upgrade a number of roads in Melbourne’s west.

Level crossing removals
Labor is promising to extend its program of replacing ‘level crossings’ (where roads intersect with train lines).

Bike superhighway
The Greens propose a $2.5b project to build bike ‘superhighways’ across the state including hundreds of kilometres.

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