Industries with the highest pay: which sectors offer top salaries?

See the list of highest-paying industries in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with mining topping the chart.
What are the Highest-Paying Industries?

Average Weekly Full-Time Earnings ($)

Industry Average $

1 Mining $2,812

2 Media and Telcos $2,271

3 Finance and Insurance $2,202

4 Professional Services $2,140

5 Utilities $2,098

6 Public Administration $1,947

7 Education $1,905

8 Construction $1,786

9 Transport $1,772

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Average Weekly Full-Time Earnings ($)

Industry Average $

10 Health and Social Services $1,764

11 Property $1,686

12 Wholesale Trade $1,678

13 Arts and Recreation $1,647

14 Manufacturing $1,583

15 Admin $1,569

16 Retail $1,354

17 Personal Services $1,333

18 Hospitality $1,294

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Which Group Am I In?

The ABS uses broad industry classifications, which means there is a lot of earnings variation within each industry and in some cases a lot of very different jobs, especially in Professional Services and Personal Services. If you’re not sure where your industry is on this list, it may be in one of those two industries. Professional Services includes law, accounting, marketing, engineering, IT and scientific research. Personal Services includes beauty workers, personal trainers, dry cleaners, sex workers and maintenance and repairs workers. The latest ABS data also did not include figures for the agriculture industry.

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