NSW gamblers lost $4 billion to pokies in the second half of last year

How much money do pokies make? Over $4 billion during six months in NSW last year, new data has found. Here's where they make the most cash.
how much money do pokies make

Pokies made over $4.2 billion from gamblers in NSW pubs and clubs during a six-month period in 2022.

The figures released by the state’s gaming regulator this week are also an 11% increase on the amount lost in the first half of 2022.

How much money do pokies make?

Pokie venues in the Canterbury-Bankstown, Fairfield, and Cumberland areas of suburban Sydney were the most profitable in the state.

Pokies in NSW pubs and clubs made about $3.8 billion in the previous six-month period spanning from December 2021 to June 2022.

Pokies in NSW:

There are about 90,000 pokie machines in NSW. It has the most pokies and the highest losses per person of any Australian state or territory.

Pokies in NSW have also been found to be used to launder ‘dirty’ money from the proceeds of crime into ‘clean’ money.

The NSW Government has committed to trialling a 12-month cashless gaming scheme across the state on at least 500 machines. It’s seen as a way to limit money laundering and problem gambling in NSW.

Minns defeated the former Government, led by Dominic Perrottet, at the NSW election in March. Perrottet had promised to make every pokies cashless by 2028 if reelected.

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