Transgender ban for cricket fixtures

An international cricket ban for transgender women has been approved by the sport's global governing body.
International cricket ban

Transgender women will be banned from international cricket matches under a new policy approved by the sport’s global governing body.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board agreed on new gender eligibility regulations developed following a nine-month consultation period.

The rules ban cricketers who have been through any form of testosterone puberty from the women’s game.

International cricket ban

The ban will apply to international matches. Individual nations will decide transgender women’s eligibility to play at a domestic level.

ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice said the ban was “founded in science” and would support fairness in international matches. The ICC will review the ban within two years.

“Inclusivity is incredibly important to us as a sport, but our priority was to protect the integrity of the international women’s game and the safety of players.”

The response

Cricketer Danielle McGahey became the first transgender woman to play an international fixture last month. She was born in Australia but represented Canada.

The ICC ban has forced McGahey to retire from international cricket. On Instagram, she said the decision would send a message to trans women that “we don’t belong”.

“We deserve the right to play cricket at the highest level, we are not a threat to the integrity or safety of the sport.”

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