JobSeeker payments have risen

JobSeeker is rising on Wednesday, following a combination of periodic increases and new laws taking effect. Here's the important details
Is JobSeeker rising

Single JobSeeker recipients will receive a $56 rise in their fortnightly payments from today.

Federal Parliament agreed to the increase earlier this year, with parenting and pension payment increases also now in effect.

An estimated 5.5 million Australians are expected to benefit from the changes.

Is JobSeeker rising?

Welfare payments are updated twice per year to account for indexation. This means payments are increased to reflect rising prices (although that doesn’t mean increases are in line with inflation).

While indexation has been included in this JobSeeker increase ($16 per fortnight) it also includes an additional payment ($40 per fortnight) that the Federal Government legislated in August.

What will rise?

The Single JobSeeker Payment will increase from $693 to about $750, while the partnered JobSeeker rate will rise by $55 to $686.

Rises will also apply to the youth allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, and the Youth Disability Support Pension.

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