Italy wants to ban lab-grown meat to help its farmers

The Italian Government has approved a proposal to ban synthetic animal products such as lab-grown meat in a bid to support its farmers.
Italy wants to ban lab-grown meat

The Government of Italy wants to ban lab-grown meat. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni says the move would help the country’s farmers in “defending excellence [and] defending consumers”.

Italy’s Government also recently moved to ban the use of insect-based flours such as cricket flour in pizza and pasta.

Italy wants to ban lab-grown meat

Italy’s Cabinet has approved the proposal by Francesco Lollobrigida, Italy’s Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. It will now move to a vote in the Italian Parliament.

It would apply a fine of €60,000 (about $AU100,000) to any food products created with animal cells but without killing the animal. This would include lab-grown meat, fish and milk.

Lollobrigida said laboratory products “do not guarantee quality, wellbeing and the protection of the Italian food and wine culture and tradition”.

What is lab-grown meat?

‘Synthetic’ animal products are grown from animal cells without killing an animal, often in a lab.

These products are not the same as plant-based meat alternatives – they aim to look and taste exactly like the products they replicate.

Synthetic animal products are an emerging area of food technology. Advocates argue they could improve food sustainability and avoid animal cruelty.

U.S, Singapore approve lab-grown chicken

Elsewhere, food authorities in the U.S. and Singapore have both approved some lab-grown chicken as safe for human consumption.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has described the emergence of synthetic animal products as a “food revolution” and signalled its enthusiasm to consider new products.

The European Food Safety Authority has called the idea “promising” and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand has said it is prepared to consider synthetic products for approval.

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