Jacinta Allan to be Victorian Premier

Jacinta Allan was named Victorian Premier on Wednesday, one day after Daniel Andrews' surprise resignation.
Victoria launches women's pain inquiry

Jacinta Allan will become Victoria’s new Premier, after a vote by state Labor MPs today.

It follows yesterday’s resignation announcement from Premier Daniel Andrews.

Allan, Victoria’s current Deputy Premier, will be the state’s first female Premier in over 30 years and the second in its history.

Who is Jacinta Allan?

Allan was elected to State Parliament in 1999 as the member for Bendigo East. Many considered her a key figure of the Andrews Government during his nine years as Premier.

During the pandemic, Allan served on Victoria’s COVID-19 crisis council.

She became Deputy Premier last year following the resignation of Andrews’ longtime deputy James Merlino.

Today’s vote

Allan was widely tipped to become the state’s new leader after securing early support from key MPs.

Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll will serve as Allan’s deputy.

Carroll challenged Allan for the leadership earlier today, but subsequently withdrew his bid.

The challenges for Jacinta Allan

Allan will inherit Victoria’s over $100 billion debt.

Recent attempts to curb spending have seen several service cuts and increased taxes on big businesses.

Andrews blamed financial constraints for his decision to cancel the planned 2026 Victorian Commonwealth Games.

The next state election in Victoria is due by November 2026.

What’s next?

Andrews finishes up as Victorian Premier at 5pm today.

The Victorian Governor will swear in Allan as Premier, along with any other new members of the Cabinet.

This is likely to happen in the coming days.

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