Labor has announced a $1.2 billion University and TAFE funding plan if it wins the next election


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has announced a skills and training plan worth $1.2 billion that will cover the cost of 465,000 TAFE places, to be implemented if Labor wins the next election. TAFE would receive funding for free courses in industries that have been impacted by the pandemic, including tourism and hospitality. The TAFE package would cost $621 million. 

The package also includes nearly $481.7 million to fund an extra 20,000 university places. The plan aims to address the skills shortage within Australia and boost participation in struggling sectors such as aged care and community services.

If Labor was elected, the plan will rely on a new funding arrangement between individual states and territories and the Federal Government. The announcement of the plan comes two days after Labor revealed its climate change policy. 

“Free TAFE will help rebuild industries hit hardest by the pandemic, like hospitality and tourism, as well as meet current and future needs in the care economy, including jobs like childcare, aged care, disability care, nursing and community services.” — Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese

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